Spring Sakura shrimp Festival

It's a tradition every yearDry shrimp FestivalWe have started
[Holded shrimp & Pork cutlet Festival]5Period is the appearance of the dinner menu!

No Miyoshi shrimps in Tempura batter mix of 100% use.
Customers are looking forward to the year and waiting we have!
Enjoy holded shrimp, blackened.

Mini dry shrimp Tempura and Soba and menu set is recommended!
Any feeling that can be enjoyed well tired body friendly silky.

Arrange cheese tonkatsu, ume shiso tonkatsu Pork cutlet variations always delicious Fried Pork cutlet, I tried even more delicious! Fried Pork cutlet and match perfectly with cheese and plum is the strongest combination. I compare it to eat.

Golden family and friends gathering, perfect for dining menu!

For a limited time so don't miss!
Every year over another's? And, for your reply soon.

Staff visit and look forward to!

P.S Golden family fun event is a lot! Please put in Miyoshi meal schedule.(Lol)

Omata was every show, the annual!!3Limited spring tonkatsu Festival 2018

It's a tradition every year! Bread Festival in spring it is necessary
Tonkatsu Miyoshi Spring Festival3Starting in January!
In spring the tonkatsu! Increases the chance to dine with your family, such as graduation and students congratulate March.
Family in the popular Pork cutlet Miyoshi also together want to celebrate! With feelings come a few years started from the front.
For now, do it again this year? And now you put your voice. The appearance also arranged in addition to the regular tonkatsu menu Fried Pork cutlet

Commitment to our pork cutlets
(1) the Pork cutlet is flesh no smell with silky yongen meticulous attention, is a Pork cutlet.
(2) bread crumbs bakery I from holded moment had purchased real crumbs in the texture is addictive
(3) the frying time particular attention. Just a fried but cooked in exquisite timing through the fire. Can be enjoyed without the freshness of the meat to lose juicy Pork cutlet

Other trade secrets are still available, but also the let the opportunity (laughs)

So, enjoy the Pork cutlet with special appreciation price March
For more information, please see the attachment menu

Come to the high school and junior high school students of education!The Miyoshi Jumbo Pork cutletI want to try is (laughs)
Moaning woman to popular cheese Fried Pork cutlet and eating fresh basil Pork cutlet is also
This time is encouraged in the limited menu.

3 months with family and friends and enjoy Miyoshi tonkatsu!

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Nagaizumi-Cho, Gotemba and susono Banquet, farewell, Memorial, celebration, catering, lunch and speaking of Miyoshi

2Recommended for limited-time offer! About the same menu's for the last 6 days! Best 3 announcement!

2018February also is again last week! Earlier this month, though flat, Olympics! It's highest medal count! Thanks for the nail-biting and touching. Local facing me and I only went to do winter sports on the Yeti!

Well, Miyoshi in 2018 February limited break menu I eat at this mooring?
Pork theme attractive meat menu lineup.
And carrying anyway,---I eat--is what menu it is. Instinctively will Bowl to rice.

About the same fair ranking!
1 place pork Bowl 980 yen tax excluded

Teriyaki sauce is exquisite!
Excess fat also dropped because it is for you to grill!

No. 2 ranked ginger pork 980 yen(税別)
Is the standard even if you are in a hurry to eat immediately, but after catching the taste!

No. 3 ranked shops:

Dare appeared in the February, stamina fair summer menu to answer your request! Connoisseurs eat cabbage on steak with wasabi sauce.

And it's extra Edition
Many were surprised how much customer feedback
Pork salt sleet lemon pots

Radish and nirayama from lemon and flesh to
It is refreshing to eat clean pot.

Such a tempting menu is switched at the end of February. Sokonenai eat so acute I‼(Lol)

And next March we expect fair spring.
Don't miss the limited menu of Miyoshi in seasonal changes!

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Susono, mishuku 136-1

Nagaizumi-Cho, gotenba, susono
Banquet... Memorial... congratulations... catered... Miyoshi said Bento