* Photo is 4500 Yen is the image of course.

In a separate order sashimi plate, ship plate available

It is a superb banquet and celebration of bright colors. We are delighted to foreigners.
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Spring welcome and farewell party Awards

  • 150Until the name is OK!The large banquet halls to small
    Arrange your room according to your purpose
  • Embedded with all you can drink and not worry about budget, plan
  • Is safe to drink because there is a shuttle bus from the small
  • Flower arrangements are available. Offer of colored paper for group efforts
    (Please inquire at time of booking)

Monthly seasonal ingredients served as a aims banquet.
You may change the actual contents of the photos menu.

3,500 yen for the spring courses<9品目>

  • Please contact us for more information

Spring 4,500 yen course<10品目>

  • Assorted spring
  • 3 kind sashimi
  • Spring manju
  • Pan DE au gratin
  • Spring salad platter
  • Nostalgia beef ceramic version with
  • Deep-fried dish
  • Supporting water gyooza
  • Hand-rolled sushi
  • Sorbet in season

Spring 5500 Yen course<11品目>

  • Please contact us for more information