Your memorial service

Guide to our service
Time while talking about the memories of the deceased in the past with all my heart, we will help you.
Chair seats (those with weak legs very delight) will be provided
-Information from the shop
・無料送迎バスがございます(Let us know if you come up to the grave)
And temple-like for you take out food, will be available.
-Assistant 6 sushi Nori, vol ki一本, Inari 5-700 yen
-Dorayaki five pieces of 1200 Yen
And any other available gift depending on your budget. Please select from the catalog.
(Discounts and deals on are we.)
□ large venue: up to 100 seats
□ private / 25 seats

Buddhist meal of flow and procedures

About Buddhist diet
Memorial Service and criminal behaviour from the owner in memory with deceased family members and relatives, Yukari, mind to share the memories with the meal.

For the preparation of the Memorial (Memorial Service)
(1) criminal(Memorial Service)The schedule
Holiday is the original obit, easy-to-gather everyone(Weekends and public holidays)Recently, but a lot are choosing.
Monk(Temple)Consultation and, in the days before the anniversary.

(2) location of memorial service(Location)Decide which
Selecting the locations according to the number of people to attend the memorial service, such as home, Temple, funeral homes, hotel, Hall
It would be good.

(3) sending a memorial service invitation
A memorial service invitation to deceased friends, acquaintances(About postcards)Send.
* Miyoshi will help you prepare for an invitation.

④卒塔婆(Sotouba)To prepare for the Memorial
Refers to the Board written posthumous Buddhist name stands behind the tomb and the stupa and prayer.
After confirming the required number of this stupa is usually the monks, so please ask.

(5) choose the memorial gift
A memorial gift to consumable items such as condiments, seaweed, tea, shiitake mushrooms and sweets
It is common to choose.
* Miyoshi will arrange for the gift.

(6) mess ", Shinsaibashi(Fairy)"To arrange
If done at home, caterers ' food service for(Lunch box)"Make sure to order.
* Memorial services are usually per person of your dish is common.