Catering / lunch

In our entertainment, celebrations and memorial service and hospitality.
Rich variety of lunch still, awaits you.

Miyoshi courier page, please, thank you.
Its founding 55 years, fully catered, delivered from a multi-course "Miyoshi".
Business Entertainment, big day celebrations, memorial service, hospitality, occasions, events tourism or banquet,
We have rich dishes, such as pharmaceutical companies for lunch.
To specify the place and time will be delivered with sincerity.

In such a case.

You want to provide a neat company meetings, entertainment and food
After the memorial service, at the temple, catered catering to want
Celebration of longevity want to do at home.
I have small children at home, you want to eat slowly.

And so on... Please select according to your usage.

Also a number of other Bento offers you

Dedicated catering website can be orders from the home page

Possible payment credit in the local

Accept only brochures mailed