Happy New Year

2018Also, the Miyoshi thank you
That was it! Miyoshi at the company this year is the 55th anniversary of its founding. Over the course of a year, our appreciation of fun events and give back to let you want to think.

1Moon was pot fair, Chapter 2 [was more and more pot fair].
Has been tightened recently and getting cold, so try warming up in a special pot of Miyoshi
Rich smooth Sesame pot, spicy hot from pan with mochi! It is recommended.
Please enjoy the hot pot menu unique to Miyoshi.

New year's Party and reunion is now available in
Looking for spacious new venue! You want to use the shuttle bus! We have a membership want to drink! And to help our customers. Let us to get the job done.
Pairs in succession, farewell, our service is available in the popular.
Good day, good seats please reserve in advance.
Easy chair legs of seats there, ask at time of booking.

2018Be pleased with our year, wholeheartedly, awaits your visit.