2-Limited offer! Break even🐽Fair announcement

2018It was earlier than this in February.
2Don't miss the moon, but i'll be excited at various events!

[February Limited Tonton Fair]

Isn't it somehow not healthy in the cold now?
In such a case, i absorb the pork min power in the original Toton menu of Miyoshi
Let's get over the cold season!!!

2New menu for months only
Mizore Leek Salt Lemon Pot (1280 yen per serving)
It's a great thing. However, it is the strongest pot at this time of year when I can eat it at all.
I'm tired of cooking hot pot! Radish grated to help digestion
A gentle taste that smells faintly of lemon. This lemon is also from The Country City of Izu, which is particular about domestic products.
You can eat it with peace of mind.
Pork vitamin B1 and lemon vitamin C are also recommended for women.
Ramen is excellent again. The staff also sampled, which is really recommended! It was exciting.
2Because it is a limited time until the moon, don't forget!!

Tonteki (150g980 yen 250g1380 yen)
I'm not doing miyoshi's totake!? Answer your request that
I only did it in summer, but it appears in the middle of winter!
Pork, of course, is delicious for saico cabbage, which is eaten with garlic and tonto-sauce.
You're not dressing cabbage, but it's a tonki sauce!

Vitamin B1 in pork is actually very important for women suffering from coldness, anemia, headaches, and those on a diet.
It is a menu recommended because it is midwinter.
Meat increase day by day of the week!!!Because there is, i do not miss this one!
2The moon is short, so please come to eat the toton menu as soon as possible!

[February 14th is Valentine's Day]
Please take a look at the event calendar!
2On July 14th, miyoshi's female staff gave a lot of love to the male guests with a little bit of chocolate present!
Thank you for your work! I'm looking forward to the contents of the free!
I will present it with a smile.

GoGO to Miyoshi this month!
3Book a welcome party in April as soon as possible.
We look forward to seeing you from Kokoro.

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