In susono, Shizuoka, children are safe in the family parlor room popular Japanese Miyoshi restaurant is.

Hello! It is a Japanese style reitoran miyoshi. February is already late. February is short, so it's so fast.
Have you decided to go out this weekend?
Shopping at the outlet with the family! Snow Azobi in The Longay Outdoor at The Susono Fishing Park!
Or at home or ♪ etc.

Such a fun weekend
I want to eat something delicious for dinner! I want to take it slow without making rice, too.

For Miyoshi,↑↑↑ Such a private room ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑You can enjoy a meal slowly without worrying about the eyes of other guests♪ and you can guide you smoothly when you make a reservation.

Recommended for children! There is also a popular kids menu.
The children's lunch in a cute red car is "Wow! And
Cheers go up. I also purchase the child's bonus while thinking about the happy face of the child!

And, the child excitement! ! Our amusement spot! (laughs) ↓ ↓

What! There is a big pond in the store. It is recommended if you get tired of your child's crazy ♪ meal son of a carp.

Tonkatsu and meat dishes are popular among the elementary and junior high school students who are growing up, so from small children to japanese favorites, grandpa grandma
We can enjoy it with the whole family.

Reservations for private rooms are accepted on the day of the event.
Please feel free to call me if you ask for a private room because you are going in the evening.

TEL055-993-5555To Japanese style reitoran miyoshi
136-1 Onjuku, Sono-shi, Shizuoka
246 bypass along is convenient access
Parking lot is safe.

"Miyoshi" is served and bento in Susono, Nagaizumi-cho, Gotemba.