Now, Miyoshi is Hinamatsuri stance.

It is a Japanese style Reiandran Miyoshi that you can enjoy Japanese food casually in the son field.

What does the decoration of the shop look like now? Do you know?
I have various decorations according to the four seasons, but Miyoshi is nowHina Matsuri ModeIt is fully open♪

Seven-stage decoration at the entrance

And on the pond of our power spot,
Vine Chicks

This vine hina is from the mother of the liquor store of the business partner of the local susso, and i want a lot of people to see it.
This is a vine hina that was donated. It is handmade one by one, and it is only looking cute even if I take it such as a dog, a turtle, and a third ban
I'm healed♪

And since last year
The dan decoration which joined the group also debuted in the banquet hall
Here, too, it was the one that i got from a regular customer, and all the children left the nest, so it was Miyoshi-san.
It is really thankful because the doll is pleased if it decorates it, too.

Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture is not march 3rd, but April 3rd is the Hina Matsuri.
So, until the middle of April, it is hina matsuri mode♪ please come and see it
Foreign people also take a lot of pictures!

I want to celebrate the first festival of the first girl's celebration a little stylishly.
Are you worried about choosing a venue other than that? There is a room of the private room which can be done slowly in Miyoshi

Yesterday, on the way back from the kindergarten presentation, my grandfather and grandma and my family were relaxing.
Because there were children, it was pleased that it was saved in the private room parlor.

Because the food is also an angle, it is more stylish than usual. The budget is at its best.
In Miyoshi, 2018 First Festival Menu reserved onlyWe have prepared in

2018Spring Box Gozen Kaiseki 3240 yen (tax included)
Don't settle down with Japanese food after all. It is the dish that grandpa grandma can please also.

There are also festive course dishes depending on your budget.

Please feel free to contact us.
To Japanese style reitoran miyoshi

Also, I want to have my first festival at home!!!I think that there is a person who says, too.
You want to celebrate at home because you have prepared a new house and hina dolls!
Even in such a case, we will deliver the box gozen kaiseki and other dishes as mentioned earlier.
You can also order from the following URL.

Miyoshi will help you with a memorable and important celebration.
We will be entertained to be a dinner party full of smiles.

-Hatsumi And Eiba Miyoshi in Sono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Nagaizumi and Gotemba