Three hors d'oeuvres get choose Miyoshi's spring gathering is recommended.

Our students! Calm period spurt, day day is so important I think, please fly stacking up now!
It's supporting your family, I just panic, support good luck. Now spring is coming soon!

I love spring new felt. Feeling I got out the hem energy from people who are fresh and exciting!

Spring and farewell season of encounters.
Graduation from a youth spent with admission begins a new start and welcome and farewell party, etc.
It is an important event truly unforgettable in my life
Are you sure you are ready to go become a memorable meeting?

In send a grade in school and extracurricular activities and family gathered to celebrate, I want
Flowers are in bloom in the story so much when it's delicious food and beverages, and like to have fun

And seeing how many people do not know precisely what is picky about things I want to eat, such as
Can meet various needs could choose from 11 types of Miyoshi, is the third get appetizer deals

Fried hors, ACETO in growing children

Is the father and grandparents are Japanese hors d'oeuvres and assorted sashimi

Female fit popular temari sushi and fruit platter

Have fun choice in meeting members and other personnel and imitation.
Will be delivered to the designated place and time, so please feel free to

Catering-only site for details.
See Miyoshi and welcoming kitchen.
See page 3 get hors d'oeuvres
Booking from the home page is very useful.

Speaking of banquet & Memorial & celebration catering, lunch in the skirts of a mountain, Nagaizumi-Cho, Gotemba, Numazu and Mishima Miyoshi
Susono, mishuku 136-1
Located in the skirts of a mountain along the 246