Miyoshi's famous vegetable bars

Mt. Fuji is beautiful today. I'm glad I was born in Shizuoka.
There is a person in Shizuoka Prefecture, but yesterday's "Fuji-san's Day" is closed at public elementary and junior high schools and high schools.
Why don't you try to think a little about Mt. Fuji again? By the way, Yamanashi doesn't seem to be off.

We have benefited from Mt. Fuji.
The water is delicious and the crops are abundant.

The vegetable bar of Miyoshi which uses such a skirt vegetable is our boast recommendation.
When you enter the shop, there is a vegetable counter on the right.

If you are visiting for the first time, you may not want to see it depending on the location of your seat, so when you change it
Some people say ,"There's a vegetable buffet", so don't miss it(laughs)

Meat dishes such as steak and hamburger are cooked from the beginning.
Other meal menus can be served for 432 yen plus 216 yen and single item

I want you to taste the original taste of vegetables, and cut it into a sticky shape.
Try to make vegetables in a vegetable glass for a vegetable bar and serve it.

First, i'm going to have vegetables in a glass!? You may think that it is easy to take and easy to eat.
Vegetable dressing is a dip
The recommendation is "Yoshiko-chan miso" handmade by the great landlady.
It is delicious to the saiko when i put it on this miso and eat it.
Even children who don't like vegetables eat their rice paste.

We mainly stock vegetables mainly from Fureai-san in The Susono.
There are always a lot of fresh and dark vegetables.
There are some vegetables that have changed a little depending on the season, so when you come to the base,
Take a peek on your way home.

As a family, i think this vegetable is fun to eat while it is good.
There is also a seat, so you can relax.

Tired of playing with snow in The Rinpa, i want to stretch my sitback on the way back to the susteno fishing park
If you want to eat local food on the way back from golf on the weekend, please feel free to do so.

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