Farewell and Board succession-Miyoshi is the farewell of the spring is recommended to

Last weekend, we had a graduation ceremony for the children's club team and a banquet for the students who took over the pta officers.
We used a lot of banquets and dinner parties unique to the end of the fiscal year. Thank you very much.
What a good thing! There is a banquet hall with a big stage.

The other day, i was able to make full use of the stage, and i was excited by the bubbly dance and sunshine ikezaki performances.
Our staff was also very helpful.

There is a person who says that there was such a big banquet hall when the banquet hall in the back is seen though the restaurant is used.

Of course, there are tatami mats, but recently there are more dinner parties and banquets in chairs.

And, please be assured that the parking lot can accommodate 60 cars. There are times when i ask for a ride depending on the reservation situation,
The second parking lot was also available, so there is no need to worry about parking.

We also serve dishes in a variety of styles.
I want you to focus on volume because children are playing sports!
I want you to make it to the buffet buffet style because I want to eat variously! And so on
We also respond to requests.

Because there are a lot of women, I want to eat variously by the quality valuing than the quantity!
I've been here a few times, so I want you not to be the same dish!
And so on, depending on the purpose of use and facial expressions from our customers, we make it the most suitable original plan.
There may be a lot of questionattacks at the time of booking, but i appreciate it if you understand.

We still have a reservation.
Please feel free to contact
Call 055-993-5555

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