I went to FOODEX2018!

On the out skirts of a mountain yesterday, laid-back, done in Makuhari FOODEX2018 went with the President. Seeking stimulation and meeting new people, we have to study.
Enters now including information on the net is still actually hand removing trader who to talk with and see things.
It was very interesting and still do not know the region, this year the booth every province is famous for its very attractive products.

I think back to the skirts of a mountain that has been variously seen, you want to use in the shop.

Want to see incorporated, and also fit in the Japanese new organic tea, such as a lot.

Dating today is appreciated

Susono, Numazu and Mishima, Nagaizumi-Cho at the banquet... Memorial Service
Congratulations... farewell... catered... Miyoshi my lunch