Spring celebration and reunion at Miyoshi private guests

3The season is spring moon to be the new way to go off, to support those who, such as the various movements.

I will really miss, but a new way Kudos air from my heart.
So your dinner party opened in Miyoshi.

Your family and friends with delicious cuisine and endless memories and dreams for the future,
I'm excited

Families with small children in the parlor for popular cell

For a long time even easier for small chair legs and seat room is popular
To Grandpa and Grandma picks chair seat.

Cooking long-awaited so than usual bit glamorous too
China or your set?

No fat fried shrimp katsu, juicy scallops fried, boiled, and women Miyoshi popular popular salads, giblet soup, sashimi, nigiri, slightly varied cuisine deals menu.

Because customers are completely original chef Omakase dishes available, your budget in about 3000 Yen
Please feel free to contact

Recommend the collection of farewell, banquet, meeting and set in and self-governing, Miyoshi

Please feel free to call us in reservations
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