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No fixed format for a meal in a Buddhist ceremony, although the basic conventions and order.
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1, seated priest, set in Theravada, relatives are squatting to please

2 clients (representatives of the bereaved families) of greet

3, 献杯 greetings
Do greet people who acquires quietly "献杯" and the voice at the end of the short, calming voice. The Cup quietly and gently lift upward and say "献杯 (kennpai)" and in a hushed voice.

4, donor "thank you very much. "Put the chopsticks to eat utterances such as"Please eat breakfast", from.
It is a calm quiet while eating, talking about the memories of the deceased. Introduce in some cases, international relations and distantly related or even introduce yourself to good will.

Roller is 5, and dessert, will distribute gift

6, two hours is estimated better diet is rounded up. Owner saying thank you for the party.

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