2018Is a welcome and farewell party now available!

Last week I received the book farewell, thank you very much.
In a very warm farewell I instinctively we also had 貰i泣ki.
The fun also painful that ever overcame spent together,
I want to yell from the heart to the next step.

Also for farewell to our shop there is a big stage, so farewell have fun entertainment
Did you come ♪ ♪
2 as there is a wireless microphone so so embroiled in.

We offer bouquets to the guest of honor, so please feel free to
The last to finish still bouquet is very ornate and farewell will be.

Pick up is of course, Miyoshi
After the party bus is OK of course.
2I'd like to the next meeting!
3Where much course you want around!
And if you have any questions please consult
May 10-seat Hiace minibus in addition to
Will be adjusted by the number of passengers

Assist the Secretary's various troubles
Headaches in person please feel free to

Farewell farewell plan, please see here.https://www.miyoshi-res.com/73976/%e3%81%94%e5%ae%b4%e4%bc%9a/