Spring break Miyoshi tonkatsu Festival. interim report on ranking.

3Tonkatsu Festival limited edition spring interim report on popularity ranking.

The taste is second to none in specialty storesMiyoshi tonkatsu Festival menuIs what I eat at this mooring?

3Rankings released in the month halfway point ~! Jayan!!

[# 1] pork cutlets with cheese-cheese is irresistible!

[# 2] plum eaten with Fried Pork cutlet, sour is after is a pull the taste in sake.

[# 3] tonkatsu 150 g classic eats rates for a limited period of time, it is popular

Who do not yet haveFor a limited time until the end of MarchSo hurry! It is
Photo at the top is of takeaway photography. You can also taste the Miyoshi tonkatsu at home!

Private room, tatami mats and seat reservations by telephone please feel free to

"Private and Tottori-" and let
Plan menus in advance, by contacting bust waiting without food can be served
See menu here ↓ ↓
Children∙ s menu, advance orders are recommended are.
The popular children's menu click here ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Finished playing, koi food, MOM slowly please eat in shifts.

Where is the spring?!-... and if it troubles you, Miyoshi to GO!
Please enjoy the Pork cutlet on the Miyoshi
We are looking forward to seeing you.