Many children's menu of Miyoshi

Is a nice spring break?

I am going to go to the children and the Doraemon movies. Spring break homework and missing since moving up to a larger new stationery.
Memory said. It is a short period of time would be happy despite the pressure of preparing for something and the end of the year.

To go out during the day with the kids, eating dinner outside Hooray!-not.You hear the voice of the family said that fulfilling children's menu
Miyoshi is recommended!

Well there is a children's menu? And heard.
It seems seems to be making Japanese-style, stout of stance because no children's menu

Most popular Bronx dinner menu for children
From udon and Curry
Depending on the age, taste, choose your favorite menu

Moreover, because again, your child's glittery eyes is so cute it is.

We can smoothly Guide and private tatami rooms rooms are also available, so book your room by phone

Get tired of eating Miyoshi puchamusementpark
CARP and playing around the pond.

Pond around the vine up to 4/3, are decorated with Hina and Hina!

Spring break in Miyoshi and enjoy with the family.