4April 1 is the cherry blossom market🌸The fries look forward

It is very warm today, Miyoshi Sakura in full bloom than your photo was taken

Supporting cultural centre near the shops of cherry trees are amazing.

Dinners will be held in such a nice place, so come on!
Miyoshi sell Dragon long potato and deep fried

Hana yori dango with it and enjoy a different food would.
Enjoy spring break last Sunday wasn't Sakura

Many children's menu of Miyoshi

Is a nice spring break?

I am going to go to the children and the Doraemon movies. Spring break homework and missing since moving up to a larger new stationery.
Memory said. It is a short period of time would be happy despite the pressure of preparing for something and the end of the year.

To go out during the day with the kids, eating dinner outside Hooray!-not.You hear the voice of the family said that fulfilling children's menu
Miyoshi is recommended!

Well there is a children's menu? And heard.
It seems seems to be making Japanese-style, stout of stance because no children's menu

Most popular Bronx dinner menu for children
From udon and Curry
Depending on the age, taste, choose your favorite menu

Moreover, because again, your child's glittery eyes is so cute it is.

We can smoothly Guide and private tatami rooms rooms are also available, so book your room by phone

Get tired of eating Miyoshi puchamusementpark
CARP and playing around the pond.

Pond around the vine up to 4/3, are decorated with Hina and Hina!

Spring break in Miyoshi and enjoy with the family.

Spring holiday Bento Bento Miyoshi is recommended

For the spring holiday season
Excursion for groups and travel companies like for the recommended lunch planThe Guide to

Ongoing hospitality kitchen, is requested from the travel agency your way-station, service area and ParkAs to the lunch delivery available.
As well as enjoy a trip on the driver and we enjoyed our tour operators. See ordering our lunch companion for a wonderful trip, spring holiday season
The extensive menu for more information visit homepage
https://susono-bento.com/ Miyoshi hospitality kitchen

Spring break Miyoshi tonkatsu Festival. interim report on ranking.

3Tonkatsu Festival limited edition spring interim report on popularity ranking.

The taste is second to none in specialty storesMiyoshi tonkatsu Festival menuIs what I eat at this mooring?

3Rankings released in the month halfway point ~! Jayan!!

[# 1] pork cutlets with cheese-cheese is irresistible!

[# 2] plum eaten with Fried Pork cutlet, sour is after is a pull the taste in sake.

[# 3] tonkatsu 150 g classic eats rates for a limited period of time, it is popular

Who do not yet haveFor a limited time until the end of MarchSo hurry! It is
Photo at the top is of takeaway photography. You can also taste the Miyoshi tonkatsu at home!

Private room, tatami mats and seat reservations by telephone please feel free to

"Private and Tottori-" and let
Plan menus in advance, by contacting bust waiting without food can be served
See menu here ↓ ↓
Children∙ s menu, advance orders are recommended are.
The popular children's menu click here ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Finished playing, koi food, MOM slowly please eat in shifts.

Where is the spring?!-... and if it troubles you, Miyoshi to GO!
Please enjoy the Pork cutlet on the Miyoshi
We are looking forward to seeing you.

3Yummy / 17 Mon Marche

3/17 a onnpa that smells of what market will be held in susono City Cultural Center

Also have a Miyoshi! theme is collaboration.
Nakayama fisheries have become the daily care you and I'll do decibe Miyoshi, the future the!
In it, eat soup properly taken is of exceptional taste
Please enjoy the carefully flavor bouillon granules and at a convenient time.
I am pulled in various programs is also recommended
Please take a look here also.

2018Is a welcome and farewell party now available!

Last week I received the book farewell, thank you very much.
In a very warm farewell I instinctively we also had 貰i泣ki.
The fun also painful that ever overcame spent together,
I want to yell from the heart to the next step.

Also for farewell to our shop there is a big stage, so farewell have fun entertainment
Did you come ♪ ♪
2 as there is a wireless microphone so so embroiled in.

We offer bouquets to the guest of honor, so please feel free to
The last to finish still bouquet is very ornate and farewell will be.

Pick up is of course, Miyoshi
After the party bus is OK of course.
2I'd like to the next meeting!
3Where much course you want around!
And if you have any questions please consult
May 10-seat Hiace minibus in addition to
Will be adjusted by the number of passengers

Assist the Secretary's various troubles
Headaches in person please feel free to

Farewell farewell plan, please see here.https://www.miyoshi-res.com/73976/%e3%81%94%e5%ae%b4%e4%bc%9a/

The variety of our services

It instead of at your service for the first time, to gather so many relatives and set in to avoid any steps in
Do, don't fear?

No fixed format for a meal in a Buddhist ceremony, although the basic conventions and order.
Please refer to

1, seated priest, set in Theravada, relatives are squatting to please

2 clients (representatives of the bereaved families) of greet

3, 献杯 greetings
Do greet people who acquires quietly "献杯" and the voice at the end of the short, calming voice. The Cup quietly and gently lift upward and say "献杯 (kennpai)" and in a hushed voice.

4, donor "thank you very much. "Put the chopsticks to eat utterances such as"Please eat breakfast", from.
It is a calm quiet while eating, talking about the memories of the deceased. Introduce in some cases, international relations and distantly related or even introduce yourself to good will.

Roller is 5, and dessert, will distribute gift

6, two hours is estimated better diet is rounded up. Owner saying thank you for the party.

For more information visit Buddhist cuisine
Please see here.https://www.miyoshi-res.com/73976/%e3%81%94%e6%b3%95%e8%a6%81/

Spring celebration and reunion at Miyoshi private guests

3The season is spring moon to be the new way to go off, to support those who, such as the various movements.

I will really miss, but a new way Kudos air from my heart.
So your dinner party opened in Miyoshi.

Your family and friends with delicious cuisine and endless memories and dreams for the future,

Families with small children in the parlor for popular cell

For a long time even easier for small chair legs and seat room is popular
To Grandpa and Grandma picks chair seat.

Cooking long-awaited so than usual bit glamorous too
China or your set?

No fat fried shrimp katsu, juicy scallops fried, boiled, and women Miyoshi popular popular salads, giblet soup, sashimi, nigiri, slightly varied cuisine deals menu.

Because customers are completely original chef Omakase dishes available, your budget in about 3000 Yen

Recommend the collection of farewell, banquet, meeting and set in and self-governing, Miyoshi

Please feel free to call us in reservations
TEL 055-993-5555
Japanese restaurant Miyoshi

Hospitality kitchen see Miyoshi
Miyoshi catering department

I went to FOODEX2018!

On the out skirts of a mountain yesterday, laid-back, done in Makuhari FOODEX2018 went with the President. Seeking stimulation and meeting new people, we have to study.
Enters now including information on the net is still actually hand removing trader who to talk with and see things.
It was very interesting and still do not know the region, this year the booth every province is famous for its very attractive products.

I think back to the skirts of a mountain that has been variously seen, you want to use in the shop.

Want to see incorporated, and also fit in the Japanese new organic tea, such as a lot.

Dating today is appreciated

Susono, Numazu and Mishima, Nagaizumi-Cho at the banquet... Memorial Service
Congratulations... farewell... catered... Miyoshi my lunch

It was a very relaxed atmosphere at the Festival, the first Festival, friends and colleagues

Yesterday's HinamatsuriAn important occasion to wish the healthy growth of girls
Thanks Miyoshi also cute children, and was crowded.
Thank you very much.

Hinamatsuri specification, placemats table was coordinated.
I forgot to take pictures
In dads kids parents come from far away and guests are adults in a private tatami room
We now feel we divided the staff happy

Featured picture hanging, chicks and shops took a picture in front of the wreath!
To help your family important 1 page, very good, and I felt