A welcome party for new year start Miyoshi is recommended

2018I started the new school year! Now start no matter what, everybody?
New members join, and from now on any team of mixture of hopes and fears
It will be a strange feeling.

Excited feeling like it happens something new April season.
So in April deepened social at the welcome ceremony, more want to solidify the unity of the new members the opportunity.

So when the Miyoshi is welcome!
Recommend to the Secretary's
(1) on a subscription-drink
(2) free shuttle bus and
(3) a large number of people-OK
(4) private room
(5) Chair and tatami seating you can choose
And so on may receive on Miyoshi
What is the Secretary's hard
Miyoshi is the Secretary's side so many selfish please let me know!
We will respond as long as possible

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Japanese restaurant Miyoshi
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