Spring Sakura shrimp Festival

It's a tradition every yearDry shrimp FestivalWe have started
[Holded shrimp & Pork cutlet Festival]5Period is the appearance of the dinner menu!

No Miyoshi shrimps in Tempura batter mix of 100% use.
Customers are looking forward to the year and waiting we have!
Enjoy holded shrimp, blackened.

Mini dry shrimp Tempura and Soba and menu set is recommended!
Any feeling that can be enjoyed well tired body friendly silky.

Arrange cheese tonkatsu, ume shiso tonkatsu Pork cutlet variations always delicious Fried Pork cutlet, I tried even more delicious! Fried Pork cutlet and match perfectly with cheese and plum is the strongest combination. I compare it to eat.

Golden family and friends gathering, perfect for dining menu!

For a limited time so don't miss!
Every year over another's? And, for your reply soon.

Staff visit and look forward to!

P.S Golden family fun event is a lot! Please put in Miyoshi meal schedule.(Lol)