7-Limited menu preceding tasting & Miyoshi history

Urgent notice?[Fun & tasty, Miyoshi new menu development monitor recruitment] still vacant and.

Using local ingredients to Miyoshi July leading tasting & Miyoshi 55th anniversary history of the limited menu.?

Miyoshi monitor participated, such as taste, naming a price survey, not Miyoshi menu development together?

(1) Mr. SATO in strawberry's sweet pudding with sweet strawberry sauce & Yazaki
(2) using Katsumata's lettuce or cilantro, Otsuka's salad spinach vegetable animal plenty of pork Udon
(3) tomato juice-Yazaki?Tomato onion Gratin soup with pork soup
(4) cups sushi

And please note that discourages to-date, so there are some minor changes.
The ingredients company supporting and surprisingly do not know!

People are interested in
Please apply contact said Nanami kitchen or on FB!

Get together menu-Miyoshi we Let's(^^)
It is a participation fee 500 yen.