6-Limited menu & event calendar

June, summer-like days are you doing that? This is the Miyoshi fun this month and all sorts of events. Lol
Will be muggy June somehow falling appetite we offer you can eat fresh, even when healthy. Vitamins of pork in the tired body! But that all you want to eat, Shabu Shabu salad platter is? Enjoy two flavors of the Ponzu and sesame seeds and grated. With seasonal asparagus meat roll fly, double support for the job.

Always down and speaking, and tends to become a Ponzu sauce, but this month Mei prepared for Yam soup with grater. New and enjoy refreshing menu meeting.

Fresh healthy menu at the weekend we have so many orders. Please come to eat is limited, so early!

6May is also an annual father's day stalls forest night of putter meeting or the beginning of the new year! Is a cloth Sandals class by the way today is continued over a decade. Limited constant service there, so what day is today? And stay tuned, you can visit and very glad.

6Also, the Miyoshi thank you!

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