I went to the forest in the beginning.

6Forest beginning the night of whats we opening Saturday, July 9. Thank you for being used.
There is high potential in susono City know kairakuen.

What the fashion events of this day and night 2毛作!

Hats off for planned towards enthusiasm.
Was opened from the part of the day because we were only part of the night, the evening, and that was done in the humid heat of the day.
But night everyone ready for the version he vigorously, and overwhelmed by the power in the. In the event you do enjoy your appearance, I became very happy.

Night light is alight, and--even a stylish atmosphere and supporting it's so fashionable to events in adult's--and touched and healed.

People had been opened and usually not too much, hence they become acquainted with double the fun.

See her again also the rainy sky,
It was a wonderful event.

In the skirts of a mountain, Gotemba, Nagaizumi-Cho, Numazu and Mishima
Speaking of lunch, catered Banquet, ceremony, celebration, Miyoshi

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Miyoshi hospitality kitchen
Shizuoka Prefecture skirts of a mountain city onjuku 136-1
National route 246 bypass from susono inter cars in 5 minutes access it is

Thanks to sit in skirts of a mountain, this year and 55 years