Father's day putter tournament is this weekend♫Aisin!

You Hello. Japanese restaurant Miyoshi.
How are you today, too humid?

617 (Sunday) any day! So father's day! Oh! I forgot I! You said there! All right. The Miyoshi excitement! Mother's day treats a small sort of why would (laughs)

Why so excited [father's day putter tournament] I'll do! Come on, family dad cheering up please!

Dad plays golf well dad do not challenge the Miyoshi glass green!
I wonder is there power normally easy to get to... Get a gift in three-ball challenge by Nice in several hearty from the Miyoshi. The target audience is the father. Talking stuff!

Imagine rise staff, no intent to prepare from now. At home now, image, training.

Ask many enjoying dad this week Saturday, Sunday at Miyoshi's delicious food and drink the good luck working for the family.

It can smoothly guide offers telephone advance room reservations.

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