I went to supporting SUSONO Tanabata bamboo lighting i events

Supporting SUSONO Tanabata bamboo lighting i events I went to 7/7!
Commencement was held through the psychic powers of Executive Committee came one hour ago heavy rains but was worried about.

Miyoshi is not opened this time, we have yukata kimono services I.
Who got old and said that what is learned in the body is firmly acquired with
And help!

And wear the yukata has, but my dekirenai is very supermodel, are a lot of sounds.
I also tried wearing a yukata I

Everyone with a yukata kimono hannari and always more ladylike! It was

In Central Park became a venue in a fantastic bamboo light and well being, my day was very
I have such a nice event on the skirts of a mountain!

At the national cultural property of Uematsu House opening ceremony.
Greetings from the Mayor

Greetings from Akiyama Tourism Association

Big started in bamboo lighting ignition

To see your friends meet after a long time, was very nice and fun event

The featured event of the next
In the headliner's wide-ranging singer-songwriter "flyatmohiro"
Will be opened at flyatmohiromarsche

Here at susono City Culture Center. It decreases the head in Furuya's fan.
Be packed full of exciting events
To play please

Incidentally in Miyoshi high school, Furuya-Kun was me working!

In the skirts of a mountain, Gotemba, Nagaizumi-Cho, Numazu and Mishima
Speaking of lunch, catered Banquet, ceremony, celebration, Miyoshi

Japanese restaurant Miyoshi official website

Catering-only site
Miyoshi hospitality kitchen
Shizuoka Prefecture skirts of a mountain city onjuku 136-1
National route 246 bypass from susono inter cars in 5 minutes access it is

Thanks to sit in skirts of a mountain, this year and 55 years