The eel delivery♫

When will the ox of people has begun!
Hiraga gennai (genius inventor) talk to the Edo period, the eel eel afloat is the brainchild of hiraga gennai "sign that"today the ox"post shop" and eel arrived! At that time it was customs called "not 夏負ke to eat food after the ox, starting with"we"and". I was also in the genius copywriter.

2018 summer eel Festival was a little soon begins with the Miyoshi.
Come to the store, and that jerky. Right
I'm sure hungry with the scent of the eel, will spin.

Eel Festival this year at various price ranges available, wallet-friendly body nutrition perfectly a lineup

[Profile of the eel Festival menu]
-Such as weight (average) 1,680 yen (top) 2,500 yen
-Eel stone-Grilled Rice ¥ 1,800
Good glare, kelp tea, we recommend to eat three!

Year of the ox do you know?
[7/25 Wednesday]
You can also take home so please use please feel free to

[2018 eel delivery menu]
The eel delivery also available. Let us but we do a taste of Miyoshi family or company, including
Enjoy the
Please check the image for more information.

Because the private rooms where you can call in advance, and will be available
Please feel free to contact

♪ This month's motto!
Is "its eel in midsummer of the ox"
If I do not be shy to mango ice cream limited edition summer gift. By the end of July.

July, peppy with a smile we sincerely look forward to

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