Welcome to the susono-Shi from the Viet Nam's!

The other day, from Viet Nam to Miyoshi🇻🇳→🇯🇵Visit whats for lunch meals.
And had the same polo shirt for the trip it was! Travel is incredible.
Prepared Japanese dishes.
Into a small saucepan or skillet stew, Tempura, noodles, etc. Viet Nam is sashimi sashimi undertaking in OK!
Just hope u gone Quad! Using the Google translation is known in Vietnamese, lol, was able to have a conversation.
Free origami cranes made from washi origami paper as a souvenir, and Mt. Fuji🎁Was very satisfied!

And wild boar and Miyoshi located at the entrance of the shop🐗Too group photo was taken. Skirts, hope you had a fun lunch of the moment, but I am happy.