Points of year-end party, New Year's party, reunion that you want to keep♫

This year I became the secretary of the company's year-end party.
And such
I have to make a reservation for a New Year's party because I'm the head of the group.
And such
- And, let's do after a long time because it was not a reunion! When I said that, I became the secretary again!

I think that there is a person who says.

So the first thing to think about is choosing a date and a place, isn't it?

I gave a certain number of candidates for the schedule.
It is a standard to hit the day when the number of participants is likely to increase most among them.

When the schedule is decided, it is important to choose the place.

According to the purpose of the meeting, whether to go in a high-class atmosphere, whether the shop of the common atmosphere is good, whether going in the same shop as usual, or whether to make a chair seat because there are many elderly people, if you apply hope, I do not think that it will be narrowed down?

Don't worry if you can make a reservation for the venue.

This is the point!!

Even in a venue where you have been, in order to check the layout and equipment, make sure to look at the venue and meet with the person in charge.

When you look down, let's check the following points.

(1) Availability on the scheduled date
(2) Capacity of the venue
(3) Budget of usage amount
4Periods during which cancellations can be made for free
5Can't change the number of people. Can the venue be changed depending on the number of people?
(6) Presence of person in charge on the day
7The layout, such as the height of the ceiling, windows, position of the pillars, etc. is as imaged
(8) Menu of dishes and drinks. Is it possible to bring it in or is it expensive to bring it in?
(9) Is the use of the necessary equipment and equipment free of charge or paid?
Table, chair, buffet table, reception desk, luggage storage location
Screens, projectors, and microphones can be used
Pc, DVD player, CD, iPod availability
Restroom, waiting room, smoking area
(10) Is there an unreasonable shuttle bus?
11Is the parking lot available?
(12) Location of photography

It may be a big deal, but
Let's crush one by one where you care about various things, so that you can welcome the day with peace of mind!

In Miyoshi
Depending on the purpose of use, we offer them in a variety of styles.

Please feel free to consult us without thinking if it would be strange if you heard such a thing.

I'll help you make it a memorable meeting.

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