[Seasonal] oyster and hot pot fair

It's getting cold in the morning and evening!

It will be colder towards the end of the year, so I want to keep my body warm without cooling down.

The cold becomes severe,
That's why I want to eat it.
Because I prepared a menu
Let me introduce you.

It is a hot pot fair with a oyster.

Our oyster fries are large and pudding! Please be careful not to burn the fresh extract of the oyster that the bread crumbs overflow with saksaku.

Oysters are a treasure trove of nutrition(^^)
Also known as sea milk
Because it contains amino acids, it is recommended for fatigue recovery. In addition, anemia that is common in women and the future period is good for hangovers.

Oyster fly single item 5 pieces 980 yen tax excluded
Oyster fly set meal 5 pieces 1380 yen tax excluded

This year is new
Not only oyster fries, we also prepared a variety of platters to enjoy
Oyster fry and shrimp fly, assorted set meal of fin sage
1480Yen tax-excluded

Even this alone, but I'm excited,
It is a lineup that I would like you to eat absolutely hot pot menu.
There is a pleasure to choose udon and ramen of the salmon!

The flavor of miso is irresistible oyster miso hot pot
1200 yen per person
The recommended bowl is udon.

Pudding's moat is delicious beef motsunabe
980 yen per person
The recommended bowl is ramen.

Pork kimchi hot pot spicy warms up to the core of the body
980 yen per person
The recommended bowl is ramen and rice set.

Fatigue recovery with pork min power, pork uma salt pot
980 yen per person
Recommended kites are uncles and sets

Even if you eat in large numbers
Even in a pot per person
Instead of a snack, it will be

The mind and body unique to the current season, by all means a hot pot to warm up!

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