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2022年6月6日 : Speaking of surprise sushi cake Miyoshi

Thank you for your time at the weekend.

#Sushi Cake
happy birthday
#I put a lot of salmon in with my cousin and cousin.

Please use Miyoshi's sushi cake that you can enjoy even if you see and eat it once.

It is sure to be exciting for anniversaries and festive surprises!

Please feel free to call us for reservations
Until Japanese style Resuto Ranmi Yoshi.

Please make a reservation by around noon of the day before.

#Sushi Cake
#Japanese style res and torinmiyoshi
#Susono, Kumamoto
2022June 5 - : Speaking of hors d'oeuvres in Susono City, Nagaizumi Town

At the time of gathering at home
When you want to prepare hors d'oeuvres with fried foods, hors d'oeuvres and fried foods of Miyoshi are recommended.

Do you ever want to put a little nibble or a dish in the hors d'oeuvres on your regular menu?

In such a case
Request by phone

● I want you to put something other than fried food that will be a snack for beer

● Because there are many children
I want you to have more fried shrimp

And so on
You can rank up the usual hors d'oeuvres according to your purpose

A single request to get 4 fin cutlets and 5 fried shrimp is also popular!

Our thick sliced fin cutlet is one of the popular fried foods that are soft yet thick

Please feel free to place an order by phone
Yes, we accept

Shizuoka Prefecture skirts of a mountain city onjuku 136-1

Miyoshi Susono
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Thank you for following Miyoshi Insta who is uploading the lunch box of the day

This year is the 58th anniversary of our founding.

Susono City, Nagaizumi Town, Gotemba City, Mishima City, Numazu City
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